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Alpha-tography Alphabet Photography & Custom Letter Art

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by John Laukaitis, the vision for Alpha-Tography began in Charleston, South Carolina.  Driven by passion and the desire to have the best product in a competitive market, John began to differentiate his work by capturing landmark architecture, buildings, bridges and gates and providing his work in color and custom frames.  Self taught and a desire to succeed, John began showcasing his work in the historic Charleston City Market.   John surveyed both the local and national markets and identified an area of opportunity that the competition in “letter art” showcased images that were of low quality, staged photography and not offered in high color quality.

John spent hours, days and months visiting locations, capturing and compiling unique images that resembled the letters of the alphabet.  John’s vision and passion became a reality and began to exhibit his work through regional art shows, festivals and exhibits.  The result was a high demand for our products and we experienced exponential growth.   Customer feedback and grass-roots marketing created the need to offer his work through a high quality “best in class” website and Alpha-Tography.com was created.  We look forward to working with you as we continue to build our database of unique alphabet photography and letter art photos.  We encourage you to join our newsletter, our social networking sites and our partner programs.

 “Everywhere we go people love our product and often tell me it’s the best they’ve seen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a year ago we would be where we are today, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and encouragement from my family, friends and all the great people who have supported us by buying my work. If you have a dream, stay positive, focus on the end result, never give up, work hard and fight for what you want. It will come true.  Thank you to everyone who has helped my dream come true. As a side note, if you’re in Charleston and you want to purchase Alpha-Tography, don’t go to the Charleston City Market, we are in 86 Market Arts at 86 Market Street.”

John Laukaitis, Owner, Photographer